Data for Sixth Graders? Building a Lesson About Data

Through a really cool program I’m doing with my son called Roots of EmpathyI have met an amazing teacher, Miss Thomas. She teaches sixth grade at our local school Holy Family and through our discussions she asked me about ways to get her class to learn about data. She is already teaching her class about many topics with a data aspect, including income disparity, so the chance to get to support this with a little data lesson is super exciting.

Upon talking today, three key learning objectives emerged – how do we do a session that teaches students at a grade six level: 1. How to find the data that is out there 2. How to analyze it and 3. How to compare a neighbourhood to other neighbourhoods in Toronto, using a number of different variables.

As I work on this lesson, would love to hear about any resources or ideas anybody has for this lesson. I am definitely going to touch on our open data portal at the City as well as Wellbeing Toronto. Please add any ideas or thoughts in the comments. Will provide an update once we’ve done our lesson and will definitely make it available for reuse/remix etc. Thanks Creative Commons for always making this part easy.

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