Farewell from ODI Toronto

Dear friends,

After over 5 years supporting open data initiatives through events, workshops, and partnerships, the ODI Toronto team has decided to complete this stage of the journey as a node, and pursue our own interests in areas that have grown beyond the initial open data focus.  

ODI Toronto was the first Canadian node of the larger Open Data Institute network, founded in 2013 by Dennis Brink, Jury Konga, Jay Bhalla, with continued leadership of co-founder Bianca Wylie (2013-2018), and sustained by contributions from recent director Andi Argast, Director in 2018 (2015-2019) as well as associate member Kejo Buchanan (2017-2019). As ODI Toronto, we created a volunteer-led open data initiative that worked to promote data literacy and support civic engagement through digital means in Toronto and across Canada.

A few of our milestones include:

  • 2013 Canadian Open Data Institute founded
  • 2014 Toronto node marks shift from national to regional
  • 2016 co-chair the Toronto Public Library‚Äôs first-even hackathon
  • 2017 co-chair the second TPL hackathon
  • 2019 GO Open Data co-chaired a sold-out conference

A special thank you to those fellow open data community members who contributed and participated in these moments alongside with us. Our partnerships with all of you have been invaluable. We remain centered on and passionate about supporting digital civic engagement together with the community in our next chapters. 

Stay Connected,

ODI Toronto Node Team

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