Changes at ODI Toronto

It’s a super interesting time for open data. As smart cities, machine learning, and big data keep growing, open data is being used in a range of new ways, and the need to increase data literacy levels for civic participation with data is as urgent as ever. And so it’s exciting to share some news […]

Opening agriculture data for innovation: stories from local to global

When data related to agriculture and food is made open or shared more easily, more can be done by scientists, governments, NGOs and farmers to improve agriculture outcomes, say Bianca Wylie, Nikos Manouselis and Ashleigh Weeden. Cross-posted from With global hunger, food security and food safety so vital to human health, productivity and wellbeing, […]

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Hi everybody! Ready for some data fun? Source Good  Ok, here’s what we’re going to do: Intro activity on computer – (in pairs) 5 minutes Introduction to Data (5 minutes) Computer Activity (in pairs) (15 minutes) Group Discussion: What did you learn? (7 minutes) Then we repeat. At the end, you’ll have five minutes to tell […]