Who owns the global data infrastructure?

Who owns our data infrastructure?

Data is the raw material that will help us meet 21st century challenges: to reduce friction in our economy, increase our sustainability and create opportunities to innovate. Our data infrastructure is as important as our physical infrastructure. A strong data infrastructure will increase interoperability and collaboration, efficiency and productivity in public and private sectors, nationally […]

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Hi everybody! Ready for some data fun? Source Good  Ok, here’s what we’re going to do: Intro activity on computer – (in pairs) 5 minutes Introduction to Data (5 minutes) Computer Activity (in pairs) (15 minutes) Group Discussion: What did you learn? (7 minutes) Then we repeat. At the end, you’ll have five minutes to tell […]

Data for Sixth Graders? Building a Lesson About Data

Through a really cool program I’m doing with my son called Roots of EmpathyI have met an amazing teacher, Miss Thomas. She teaches sixth grade at our local school Holy Family and through our discussions she asked me about ways to get her class to learn about data. She is already teaching her class about many […]

What are ODI Nodes: Creating a global network

The ODI Nodes are an important part of our global network. The last year has seen significant growth: we have welcomed Rio, Devon, Queensland and Athens to the community; our first group of nodes have become ODI registered trainers; our community of nodes have collaborated with us to deliver global projects; and the network is […]